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Our branches

First branch

Paris branch for the trade of cosmetics, detergents and papers in Mait Abu Ghaleb - Kafr Saad

M / Mustafa Al-Atribi (Responsible Director)

Section two

Mazaya branch for cosmetics, perfumes, detergents and papers - Kafr Al-Battikh

M / Fathi Bilal

Section III

Al-Fayez showroom in New Damietta - Al-Saedy Al-Jadeed Street for cosmetics, detergents and paper products

Dr. Mohamed Hussein

Mrs. Rasha Smart

Section IV

4- Future Club, Paris branch in New Damietta, in the Clubs area - a sales outlet for the trade of cosmetics, papers, and detergents

M / Mona Abu Al-Huda

other outlets

Wholesale direct selling carts

M. Sales/ Abdul Rahman Lotfi Kamal

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